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Life is beautiful. Live it, embrace it and love it! Everyday above ground is a good day!
My observations about life and the people around me.

International Sand Sculpting Festival at Revere Beach

I felt both happy and sad when I looked at this sculptures. I was happy because looking at these sand sculptures was one of a kind experience. I was also sad because these artists created these sculptures so much effort and devotion, and they will soon get eroded with time.


10 Facts About Dads

Dad is a source of strength and comfort. He is our backbone and gives us the courage to face the world and all the challenges in life. This father’s day think about your dad and remember his love, care, and the lessons taught. 

Boston Marathon 2017

This week, I had ‘one-of-a-kind’ experience. I was one of the 500,000 spectators, who watched the Boston Marathon and cheered the 33,000 athletes. The passionate runners and the vibrant, encouraging spectators made it a unique experience.