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Books are food for the soul. When we read books, we learn and grow.

I reviewed the books that I have read. Pick a book to read based on my review. You are also welcome to suggest books for me to read.

Happy and Sad Books

Over time, I realized that I cannot read books that are gory, books that describe poverty or human suffering in detail. I cannot read Stephen King’s books. Gillian Flynn is another recent author who will be added to that list.


How can you form habits that stick?

You come home from office and settled on a comfortable chair, in front of the Television. You decided to go for a work-out at 7.00 PM. You are flipping through the channels and found something interesting. The clock shows that it is 7.00 PM. You feel, ‘I cannot go for a run now, this show is interesting. I will go tomorrow.’ Tomorrow could be a different story.

What’s my Bucket List?

I came to know about the book, Bucket List of Traveloholic, from a fellow blogger. The author of the book, Sarika Pandit is a market researcher by day and a freelance writer by night. Being a travel enthusiast I felt that it should be an interesting book.

In this book, Sarika writes about her travel experiences. Her dream was to get all the pages of her first passport stamped before it expires. The first country she visited was Spain. As a part of a language program, she went to Spain to learn Spanish.

An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth

In this book, Col. Chris writes about how astronauts are trained. Astronauts are trained to sweat over small stuff. The small stuff can blow out of proportions and become lethal. For example, the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster was caused by a cracked O-ring and a dislodged piece of foam.

Astronauts are trained to distinguish fear from danger. The training is built around all the scenarios that can be fatal. Through repetitive simulations, they are taught to think calmly, follow the steps and tackle the situation.

I am Malala

At outset, I felt that this girl has done nothing extraordinary. She only wrote a blog on BBC under a pen name. But, if you are aware of the power of Taliban and how she could be punished for her acts, then indeed she has done a feat which requires extreme courage.