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The best things in life are …

The best things in life are … well … they are not things. They are experiences that fill your heart with peace and joy. Watching the sunset over Lake Michigan with a group of friends. Walking along the beach with my husband and stopping to pick the sea shells. Mom and I eating the corn cobs roasted by my Dad, when it is raining outside. These are a few of my cherish able experiences. Recently I had one more …

I was enjoying a walk along the Charles River in the evening. I could enjoy the late evening sunset because Summer is here. I saw a family of Canada geese swimming along the Charles River. The group consisted of Mama Geese, Papa Geese and 18 Baby Goslings (yes eighteen!).

It was a surreal experience to see all the goslings swaying gently and swimming along the Charles River. You only get to see such kind of scene in children’s story books. The next day, I went to the Charles River again to check ¬†on the geese and the goslings. Due to my curiosity, I stalked them with my phone until they had to get into the water. I felt sorry for the geese later.

Quote for this post: The best things in life are free. The second best things are very, very expensive. – Coco Chanel


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This blog is my time capsule, which allows me to travel back in time. Twenty years from now, I want to scroll down my blog list, pick a random blog and be amused by the post. If we have time machines in 2034, then I can type in the exact day of the blog and press the magic button, to transport me to those 'good old days'. That is the grand plan. Psst..don't let out this little secret of ours.

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