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How to make Bathukamma (Pyramid of Flowers)?

Cheat Sheet Principle of Life: Bathukamma is the flower arrangement in a pyramidal structure.

Making Bathukamma is a tedious but entertaining process, if the whole family gets together and helps. It can be made with 5, 7, 9 or 11 kinds of flowers. The flowers used in the preparation are tangedu (cassia), gunugu (celosia), velvet flower, banthi (marigold), chamanthi (chrysanthemum), lotus and pumpkin flower.


(L to R) Flowers used for making bathukamma, tangedu (cassia), gunugu (celosia), velvet flower, banthi (marigold), chamanthi (chrysanthemum), lotus and pumpkin flower (images collage created from google images)

The cassia and gunugu flowers should be sorted and tied together. Each banthi flower has to be pierced with a short wooden stick so that it will stand without collapsing in the flower arrangement.

The preparation of the flowers for Bathukamma takes about 5-7 hours based on the size of the Bathukamma. Arrangement of the Bathukamma takes about two to three hours. The waste created after sorting the flowers will be used in the belly of the pyramidal structure. Step by step process is shown in the below video.

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